East Ross DMG News – August 2018

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At their July meeting, the Group met with Scottish Natural Heritage to review the developing Deer Management Plan. Having come through one of the hardest winters, we then had to cope with one of the driest summers, bringing with it the risk of wildfires.

We felt it important not to rush into major changes in management, but to carefully assess the deer stock, the habits upon which they live, and to adapt as the rest of the year unfolds. We all agreed that we would inform visiting stalkers of the difficulties that the past year has presented, so that they will be prepared if managers decide to cut back on the numbers of stags that are to be culled due to low numbers or poor condition.

We await with interest the outcome of a review being carried out by the Association of Deer Management Groups. This will be focusing on the real value of the stalking throughout Scotland. A number of us support the view that this unique experience is undervalued and undersold. To spend the whole day on the hill with an experienced professional deer manager as part of a co-ordinated management programme is indeed a special event. During such an experience, the participants learn about forestry, wildlife, and habitat management, whilst enjoying precious time away from their mobile phones and the bustle of everyday life.

The Easter Ross Deer Management Group is exploring ways of working with schools, locals and the wider public to share information on deer management, and we will make sure that we keep you informed when matters progress. Please do feel free to contact any of us through the ADMG website, if we can assist on any matter of concern or interest.