East Ross DMG News – May 2019

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In February I advised that the Deer Management Group were on the point of undertaking a Habitat Impact Assessment for the ground that falls within the responsibility of the various estates that make up the Group. This important discipline is enshrined within our Deer Management Plan.

We were fortunate to obtain the services of Dr Cathy Mayne of Mountain Environment Services, supported by Scottish Natural Heritage. Cathy’s primary task was to establish 120 random fixed survey plots, with half focussing on blanket bog and the other half on dwarf shrub heath.

With the plots in place and accurately recorded using Cathy’s GIS system, staff and owners on each of the estates are being trained to carry out regular assessments to check on browsing and trampling. The information gleaned will help the whole Group to agree the correct management cull of the existing deer population. This information in turn will lead to improved habitat management and sustainable deer numbers.

With the sustained period of dry weather, the Group Members join with the numerous bodies that are urging caution to countryside recreation users. Please do not make any fires or leave broken glass as the risks to the environment and the danger to life and property are extremely high.

Many thanks to all those who have expressed an interest our work, and we wish you an excellent summer.

Please feel free to contact me on any deer related matter and I will ensure, as Secretary to the Group, that your enquiry is answered or directed to the correct quarter.

Gordon Robertson. Secretary to the Easter Ross Deer Management Group

Email.          swordale@gmail.com

Telephone.    07825 371324

Website.     www.deer-management.co.uk