East Ross DMG News – August 2017

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The stalking season is now well under way and the members of the group will have commenced the agreed programme of culling stags. The numbers for each estate have been decided following a deer population count, carried out by Scottish Natural Heritage, using a helicopter. This enables the group to know how many stags, hinds and calves are present on the land.

Whilst an income can be achieved from letting stalking, the costs of staffing, equipping and managing this rural business are high. All staff have to achieve approved levels of competence in order to manage the deer stock, and to handle venison correctly on its way into the food chain.

Our Deer Management Plan clearly sets out our commitment to undertaking Habitat Surveys to help with the stewardship of the land in which the deer exist. By regular and consistent inspection and recording of Blanket Bog and Dwarf-Shrub Heath, staff are able to build up an accurate picture of the effect of herbivores on the vegetation.

Future years will focus specifically on Native Woodland Regeneration and Public Benefit along with the routine duties. All the estates within the Easter Ross Deer Management Group are pleased to be working closely with Scottish Natural Heritage to demonstrate that a collaborative approach towards the management of this iconic species is in the best interests of all.