East Ross DMG News – February 2017

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The Group will be meeting in early March to review the progress undertaken by all the member Estates, as the hind culling season nears its end. Scottish Natural Heritage worked closely with the Group to set targets for deer numbers within the approved Deer Management Plan.

This management objective has been difficult at times, as hinds do tend to wander across boundaries, from one estate to another. Estate staff have taken the opportunity, whenever possible, to work together to achieve the agreed goals.

Habitat monitoring and improvement continues, with plans for further staff training and continuing professional development. We are keen to be as open as possible in order to demonstrate the complex nature of deer management. There will be opportunities to welcome school parties and we are evaluating a ‘Hill to Grill’ initiative which spells out every stage of the process of providing venison into the market place.

Please feel free to make contact on any matter of interest or concern via the contacts shown on the Easter Ross Deer Management Group Web Site.